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Sabbath Fellowship Meetings
Place: TSHD Office Meeting Room
1010 Coles Blvd
Portsmouth, Ohio - Time: 1:30 p.m.
 For more information, call: (740) 354-3065
June   2, 2018: Feast Message
June   9, 2018: Message: David Antion Video
June 16, 2018:
Message: John Havir
June 23, 2018: Message: Jim O'Brien
June 30, 2018: Message: Dave Havir
Bible Study:     Book of Hosea - by: Ronald L. Dart


Sabbath Fellowship Meetings:
TSHD Office Meeting Room
1010 Coles Blvd.
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662
Saturdays - Time: 1:30 p.m.


Articles of the Month
Why Do I Keep the Sabbath?
Answer: Because Jesus did!
For more information on this topic request our Free article:
Why I Keep The Sabbath.
Ron Dart explains how Jesus made the Sabbath Holy and made it for man. The Saturday Sabbath is the day that God chose and it is to be a delight.
What does prophecy reveal about the Sabbath?
Are These the Days of Elijah?
As the song begins, "These are the days of Elijah, declaring the word of the Lord and these are the days of your servant Moses, righteousness being restored, and though these are days of great trial of famine and darkness and sword. Still, we are the voice in the desert, crying, prepare ye the way of the Lord." What Elijah is all about has to do with the governance of the nation of Israel, the leadership. Ahab was king, influenced by his wife Jezebel, and for anyone who knows the history of the house of Israel, he was the worst of the worse. Are we and our nation, our leadership, at a parallel point as in the days of Elijah? 
Request our free article and find out more.

The Lord is My Shepherd
Request our free article and see that Jesus is the Good Shepherd,
He died for His sheep and we are to follow Him 
as His little flock.

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Booklet of the Month
The United States in Bible Prophecy
Though the United States does not appear in the Bible's prophecies of the end time under it's present name, 
God has not ignored this nation.
He identifies it in prophecy according to it's ancestry.
Most people simply haven't known where to look for it. 
Request this free booklet and find out what our 
future has in store for us. 


Laughter Is You Best Medicine

by: Bill Bratt 

Can a Man Mock God?

by: Jim O'Brien

Gospel of John

Part 8- by: Ronald L. Dart

One Candle

by: Ronald L. Dart


The Feasts of the Lord: Pentecost

Rule of Law

by: Jim O'Brien

Gospel of John

Part 7- by: Ronald L. Dart

Jesus and the Resurrection

by: Bill Bratt

Trust and Obey

A Tale of Two Americans

by: Jim O'Brien

Gospel of John

Part 6- by: Ronald L. Dart

The Fourth Commandment: Remember the Sabbath

by: Ronald L. Dart 

Why Should We Pray?

by: Bill Bratt

Give Thanks to God

by: Bill Bratt

Jesus Loves Me

by: Bill Bratt

R E P E N T !

- by: Bill Bratt

The Sabbath Sign  

by: Harold Smith

God's Holy Days are Christological

by: Bill Bratt

Prayer Tips

by: Bill Bratt 

What is the True Gospel?

What is the The Kingdom of God?

Read Your Bible through this Year

The Sabbath in the Catholic Catechism

by: Bill Bratt

Is Sunday the Sabbath?

by: Bill Bratt

The Sabbath Identifies God  

by: Ronald L. Dart

God's Holy Days are Christological

by: Bill Bratt

What Would Jesus Do on the Sabbath?  

by: Bill Bratt

Why I Keep the Sabbath  

by: Ronald L. Dart

Between the Testaments

Framework of the New Testament

by: Bill Bratt

The Books of the New Testament

Framework of the Old Testament

by: Bill Bratt

The Eleven Foundational Books of the Old Testament



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