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" I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers in a pure conscience." II Timothy 1:3

In Leviticus the 11Ith chapter, the Lord plainly tells us that pork is unclean,
and warning after warning is given throughout the entire Bible against eating unclean meats.
Our bodies are designed as temples for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 3:17 and 6:19,20),
but instead of this, they are made dwelling places for serpents in these last days.

The Life Story of Trichinae

"Dr. Hall has long been world renowned for his work in parasitology. If you will recall, it was he who designed the present hookworm remedy, a treatment which has been administered to millions of people throughout the world. Doctor Hall has undertaken the task of finding out the facts about trichinosis as a national scourge.

He states: "Let me first set forth the nature of this infection called trichinosis, and then I will go on with the unfolding of my tale. It is a parasitic disease of omnivorous and meat-eating animals including the human. When we get the disease, larvae of little white worms, about one twenty-fifth of an inch in length, are peppered thick throughout the muscular tissue of our whole bodies. When this little worm larvae has been for a few months in our muscular tissue, nature begins to wall it off with surrounding deposits of calcium and other mineral material. But once we are infected the parasite stays with us for the rest of our lives. There is no sure way to know whether we have such infection save by postmortem studies, now piled up to a statistical height which seems to give a clear national picture, that we get the facts which I am setting forth.

"We get trichinosis by eating infected pork which has not been thoroughly cooked. The pig got it either from eating garbage which contained uncooked infected pork, or from rats found all too often around hog pens. The infected pig also has these little walled off worm larvae throughout his muscular tissue. When we eat such tissue without thoroughly cooking it, the digestive juices in our stomachs dissolve the capsule around the worms and set them free. These little worms thus sets free mates in our intestines. The female then burrows into the intestinal walls and begins to deposit its larvae. And there is no race suicide in their makeup. Each worm gives birth to from one thousand to fifteen hundred larvae, and the newborn microscopic worms get into the lymph circulation and into the blood stream and are swept throughout the body, each one soon finding a landing and anchorage deep in some muscular tissue. For some reason, they seem to migrate in a little greater degree to the diaphragm than to any other body muscles, though they go everywhere. I have watched postmortem examinations where a single gram of diaphragm muscle yielded nearly one-twenty-eighth of an ounce!

"Relatively few cases of trichinosis are ever diagnosed while the patient is alive. In so far as I can learn, the record never runs over 200 to 400 per year for the whole country. Yet from studies made by Dr. Hall and from the records he has accumulated, it is evident that close to one million people who now have the disease have it in such severe form that in the actual stage of the early onset they must have been terribly sick. And as about 6 percent of clinical cases die during the acute stages of the attack, it is evident that many thousands have died of trichinosis while being treated for something else.

Dr. Hall concludes that far more than 99 percent of acute trichinosis cases are missed by the diagnostician. The sickness is called by various heart disease, intercostal neuritis, and a host of other things. The list runs up to at least forty. Many of the patients die of pneumonia about the fifth week of severe attack. In light infestations the patient is not bedridden, but it is easy to imagine the lowered vitality and the aches and pains that must come from thousands of little worms encysted here and there throughout the muscles of our bodies. In many of the postmortem examinations serious damage has been done to the heart muscles, and it is anybody's guess as to just how much of modern heart disease is to be attributed to this cause. This heart damage is obscure, because the parasites remain in the heart only about ten days. But in this time they may have done terrific muscular damage. The trichinae never becomes encysted in the heart, but die and are absorbed, and thus leave no easily interpreted clue as to what has happened." -End of Dr. Hall's speech.

Worms Baffling Medical Men

The American Weekly, printed an article on the subject of pork eating. The author speaks of the Bible injunction given, as he says, by Moses against the eating of swine, and then sets forth some startling facts:

He said leading physicians had discovered "that deadly fleshy-worms dwell in so-called measly pork," and adds that "now science wants to spread the same teaching," as that by Moses viz., "Pork is not fit for human food."

How startling that the eating of swine's flesh, condemned in God's Word, has so infested bodies of so-called followers of Jesus Christ, who himself never did set the example by teaching or practice.

The trichina worm does its work in a curious way. Once the meat is swallowed each curried worm begins to breed thousands of little ones so little that for weeks not even the microscope can reveal them. so state these eminent physicians. It is a proven fact also that on the average over ninety-five hogs out of every hundred are infected with these worms, and the pork-eater is constantly consuming thousands of fried worms, when he thinks he is only eating wholesome meat. God told us thousands of years ago that the swine was unclean for His people to use, and why not believe Him. Praise God for millions in the past who have in faith stood upon God's Holy Word, and adhered to it, even though they had to do so by faith, but now we shall be thankful when thousands more will stop eating the worm infested measly stuff, where by sight they see the dire and deadly consequences of eating it.

These doctors go ahead and explain that these little worms are so small they work through into the blood stream, and in the lymph fluid they grow, when in a month or so they settle in the voluntary muscles mostly causing inflammation. Many diseases are the result, as well as suffering and pain.

In San Francisco these doctors, it is said in this article, obtained large portions of muscles from 200 dead people. These they separately ground to a powder, and digested the powder in artificial gastric juice just as is done in the stomach until the worm larvae, or young worms, which will not digest, could be counted. After the muscles were ground as fine as powder, and then digested, the worms were left alive, and they counted from 20 to 3,800 in each of forty-eight out of the 200 people. Surely the revelation of such startling facts should cause everyone to stop using such unwholesome meat. How can the Holy Spirit swell in such human temples, where thousands of these serpent-like worms have their abode?

Dr. Hall goes ahead to explain that so far in their investigation, Boston, Mass., stands out with the highest rate of infection, with more than one-fourth of the people affected. He says age increases the danger of infection by this dreaded parasite, as a group in San Francisco ranging in age from forty to seventy-five were examined with appalling results that nearly thirty percent were found to have these worms living and multiplying rapidly in their bodies, or almost one person out of every three within this age period.

It is easily seen what the future will reveal, unless people stop transgressing God's laws and begin to know and follow His teaching. With one-fourth of the people in Boston now infested, and there being positively no cure this means the insane asylums, hospitals, and graveyards will within a few years claim this vast population.

Surely, dear reader, it is high time to surrender our haughty spirit of self-will unto God, humble ourselves at His feet, confessing our human weakness, and be willing to be taught and to learn of Him.

The Church of God teaches obedience to the "Law of Clean and Unclean." Ministers, will instruct the people in the way they should go, that their bodies will be temples for the indwelling of the blessed Holy Spirit, instead of houses of worms, and contaminated places of evil germs of sin. The Lord says, "without holiness no man can see God, and for us therefore to cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh, and be as new born babes desiring the sincere milk of the Word."

He continues to speak to us: "My ways are not your ways." Therefore the only safe way for us to be traveling is the Lord's way.

No thoughtful person can possibly read the inside of this pamphlet and not be stirred concerning the great amount of unclean food that is being consumed in the world today. It does seem perfectly clear to the thoughtful people that, when they read in Romans 14:14, "There is nothing unclean of itself," that they understand that it was God, the great Creator, that made animals to be CLEAN AND UNCLEAN. Each creature, whether it is created clean or unclean, has a definite purpose here on earth to keep the balance of God's creation in proper respects.

We are asking you to turn away from yourself and your opinions, and we are asking you to turn instead to the Words of God: "Touch not; taste not; handle not; which all are to perish with the using." (Col. 2:21) Therefore, "Touch NOT the unclean thing," for human consumption. Then you will be accepted by the Lord. (I Cor. 6:17)

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