Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

By: Tom Kerry 

Ever since 2014-2015 we have been witnessing ever-increasing signs in the heavens. The stars and the connection to the moon and sun have been active, and we've seen numerous eclipses since that time. While there are always eclipses, there is not always activity like we are seeing today.

Additionally, we've gone through a period of star alignments that can only be found taking place once. It is the star alignment that is the perfect alignment of Revelation 12. That alignment took place in 2017. We covered that event in detail in the sermon "Alignments of the Stars." If you haven't seen that sermon I recommend you do so. It is available online.

That same year another alignment took place. It was the first total solar eclipse across America in nearly 100 years. The August 2017 eclipse was the first with a path of totality crossing the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the U.S. since the solar eclipse of 1918. Also, its path of totality made landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's declaration of independence in 1776.

Those are historic dates and are a part of our history. Now, just seven years later, we are going to witness the second time a total eclipse will cross America. This event will take place on the very last day of God's calendar year, and will usher in the first day of God's new year. These events aren't just happening by chance. I believe we will come to see that when we look back at these events, we will find that God is giving us warning signals. There are far too many specifics to cover in this newsletter, but I intend to go into these events in-depth in the coming month and the days leading up to the Spring Holy Days.

Let me give you just a couple of items that may prick your curiosity.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 crossed 7 Cities that had the name Salem in them. Salem is a translation of the word that represents peace.

On August 21st, 2017 the first Great American Eclipse made headlines all over the nation.

It was also known as "The Seven Salem Eclipse" because the path of that eclipse crossed over seven U.S. locations named "Salem"...

Salem, Oregon, Salem, Idaho, Salem, Wyoming, Salem. Nebraska, Salem. Missouri, Salem, Kentucky, and Salem, South Carolina. Salem is short for "Jerusalem," and also means peace. and that is why so many early Americans chose that name for their communities.

Now the second Great American Eclipse is almost here, and the path of that eclipse will cross over seven U.S. locations named "Nineveh"...

Nineveh, Texas. Nineveh, Missouri, Nineveh, Indiana, Nineveh, Ohio, Nineveh, Pennsylvania, Nineveh, Virginia, and Nineveh, New York. The eclipse will also cross over a location named "Ninevah" in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. So that is why you sometimes see lists of "8 Ninevehs" on social media. In part three of the Rise and Fall of America, I intend to show that the Bible is showing us that He is removing peace from this nation.

These events appear to be a fulfillment of a warning God gave to America when it was founded on July 4, 1776, which was Tammuz 17 on God's calendar. a day of warning and gloom for the nation of Israel. Following the blood moon tetrads, by 2017, we had two additional heavenly events: the Rev. 12 star alignment and the total solar eclipse that crossed 7 cities with the name Salem the same year.

Now seven years later, there will be another total solar eclipse crossing our nation that crosses seven cities in America with the name Ninevah. Coincidence? I don't think so. It also crosses one Canadian city with the name Nineveh, giving it a total of 8 cities with that name. In Hebrew, the number 8 signifies new beginnings. Incase you were not aware, the blood moon tetrads for 2014-2015 was the 8th tetrad falling on Holy Days since the time of Christ.

There are a lot more pieces to this puzzle that are too many to cover in this newsletter, but I would like to give you just one more piece that you may find interesting. It pertains to the Bur-Sagale Eclipse. The Wikipedia tells us that the path of the Bur-Sagale eclipse crossed over Nineveh on June 15th, 763 BC...

The Assyrian eclipse, also known as the BurSagale eclipse, is a solar eclipse recorded in Assyrian eponym lists that most likely dates to the tenth year of the reign of king Ashur-dan III. The eclipse is identified with the one that occurred on 15 June 763 BC in the proleptic Julian calendar.

Some believe that the Bur-Sagale eclipse happened at the same time that Jonah was in Nineveh warning the population that the city would be destroyed...

Notice the following:The Bur-Sagale eclipse occurred over the Assyrian capital city of Nineveh in the middle of the reign of Jeroboam II, who ruled Israel from 786 to 746 B.C. According to 2 Kings 14:25, the prophet Jonah lived and prophesied in Jeroboam's reign. The biblical scholar Donald Wiseman has speculated that the eclipse took place around when Jonah arrived in Nineveh and urged the people to repent, otherwise the city would be destroyed. This would explain the dramatic repentance of the people of Nineveh as described in the Book of Jonah. Ancient cultures, including Assyria, viewed eclipses as omens of imminent destruction, and the empire was in chaos at this time, struggling with revolts, famines and two separate outbreaks of plague.

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March 2024 News Letter. 
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