By: Michael Welfare

Standing against all Painted and Disguised

Lies, Deceit and Falsehood


Lord's Seventh-Day Sabbath

Standing as a Mountain immovable forever

Proved by Three WITNESSES which cannot Lie.

Printed in Philadelphia in 1729 - Benjamin Franklin's Press


Proved by Three WITNESSES which cannot Lie.


The first Witness is the Eternal God himself, who after the Creation rested on the Seventh-Day, Gen 2:2-3 and when he gave his holy Moral law, did earnestly command it in the Fourth Commandment, Ex. 20:8-10. 
Remember the Sabbath-day [not a Sabbath-day] to keep it holy.
The Sabbath-day [not a Sabbath-day] is the Sabbath of the Lord, thy God. And not a Jewish, or any other Man's Sabbath, but the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
This Witness is Truth, and changeth not neither can the Scripture be broke.

The Second WITNESS

The Second Witness is our Lord Jesus Christ who did confirm and establish the fame with his holy Example, in going on the Sabbath-days in the Synagogues, teaching and preaching to the People, speaking to them the Words which He had received from his Father, telling them, that he was that Messenger from the Lord, of whom the Prophets had foretold, and especially the Prophet, Isaiah 61. Then the Spirit of the Lore shall be upon him. And this he did on the Sabbath-days, as we read Mark 1:21, Chap. 6:2, Luke 4:16 and other Places, where we may read, that He went into the Synagogues on the Sabbath-days; but never told the People, that That was not the right Seventh-day which God had commanded to be kept, as some Witlings of our Age will argue: Nay, nor never told them of any other Day to be the Sabbath; neither then, nor the Times after. But rather shewing with his own Example, that he delighted in the same Sabbath, doing right Sabbatical Works upon it, curing and making whole the Sick; for which Reason he also was counted a Sabbath-breaker by the blind Scribes and Pharisees, Mat. 12, Mark 3, Luke 6. But Jesus looking on them whth Anger, being grieved for their Hardness of Heart, reproved them, shewing them, that they did not judge a righteous Judgment, seeing they themselves did circumcise a Man on the Sabbath, and yet the Sabbath was not prophaned by it, and they would be angry with him, that he made a Man every whit whole on the Sabbath-day, John 7:23. And at other times he shewed them, that they did not understand the Mind of God in ht holy Law; for he himself being the Lord of the Sabbath, knew the best that it was lawful ft do Good, and to save Man's Life on the Sabbath, Mat. 12:12. Seeing that God granted unto Men such a blessed Day on which he should rest from his Labour (which came upon him by reason of Sin) and should hear or ..... the Counsel and Will of God, in what manner and by what Means he may come to be made whole of his Spiritual Sickness, and to be raised from the Dead unto a godly Life. Now Jesus being the riht and true Physician both of Soul and Body, he not only told Men what to do, but also shewing with his holy Actions that he did rightly sanctify the Sabbath according to the true Mind of God, doing Good to poor Men, forgiving them their Sins, which are the real Causes of their Sicknesses, and for removing the Cause, he could easily and without Labour cure the Sickness. Since now Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath himself hath Sanctified that blessed Seventh-day, keeping it according to the right and true mind of God, giving us therewith an Example what we should do also, who then dares (I say) who then dares be so bold, and take upon him, to make void God's holy Law, and everlasting Covenant, and pretend to set up a Day for the Honour of Christ, where there is neither Command, Counsel, nor Example for, in all the Scriptures; but Mens Notions and Imaginations inspired in them by the Spirit of Error, to oppose God and to deceive People. Others counting every Day alike, including also the Seventh-day Sabbath, and holy Rest of the Lord, among the six working Days, quite contrary to the Law of the Most High, and against Christ's own Example, as also against the holy Apostles and all the first Christians Practice, Customs and Orders, which I shall bring for a Proof, as my Third Witness.


It being very plain set down in many Places in the Acts of the Apostles, I shall only mention some to prove that the Apostles and all the Christians did really keep the Lord's Seventh-day Sabbath, and never knew of any other day, aw we may read Acts 13:42, in plain words thus, And when the Jews were gone out of the Synagogue, the Gentiles besought, that these Words might be preached to them the next Sabbath [mind here well] the next Sabbath, not the next Morning, or the next First Day, but the next Sabbath, and in the 44th Verse, we see their Desire fulfilled, for the Text saith, The next Sabbath-day came almost the whole City together, to hear the Word of God. O blessed be the great Lord forever, that he has preserved such plain Truth for our sakes, that we may not be shaken with any Wind of false Doctrine. We do also read of Paul in the 17th Chapter, ver. 2. that he went into the Synagogue, as his Manner was, on the Sabbath-day; again there is no Mention made of the First Day, nor of any other but of the Sabbath: Nay the Word First-Day is not so much as mentioned in the Greek, to that Purpose, in all the New Testament. We read in the 20th Chapter, ver. 76. that the Disciples came together on a Sabbath, or in one of the Sabbaths, to break Bread, and not on a First-day, which the Learned know well enough. I shall not search form more Proof, seeing I have God and the whole Scriptures on my side; and whereas Jesus himself faith, Mat. 18. In the Mouth of two or three Witnesses every Word is established, especially such three ones a I have brought to prove the Seventh-day to be the Sabbath of the Lord, and so the Sabbath of all his true Children.

Wherefore, seeing the se three Witnesses cannot lye, but do stand unchangeable for ever, yea even the Rock of our Salvation hath established it, I stand on sure Ground, and do not value all the World to fear them, or to bend under their human Inventions, or Customs, or Fashions; but I stand in Awe unto that great God, and Judge of all Men, not to sin against him; for that beloved Apostle of Jesus, John, tells me, that Sin si the Transgression of the Law, I John 3 v. 4.

Many indeed have tried to shew their Wit, for rejecting the Lord's Seventh-day Sabbath, but they never could bring it to bear; nor could they ever with all their School-Learning or fine Philosophy move or shake any true Child of God, that well builded up in the Love towards God, and in the Faith of Jesus Christ. I rather say, that they therewith declare, that they are Enemies to God, in rejecting his holy, and so well established Law, and perpetual Covenant and undertake to prove the repealing of the Lord's holy Seventh-day Sabbath by Apostolical Authority, when they can never shew either Command, Counsel, nor Example for it. Others would fain have the First Day to have been set up the Apostles; but all in vain; for we have proved the contrary. Neither is it in any Servant's power to change the Will and Command of his Master, without a plain Command so to do, which neither I nor they ever shall find; but it they will allow the Popes of Rome to be right and true Apostles of Jesus Christ, then they may prove the repealing of the Sabbath, and the institution of the First- Day; for by them that First-Day was erected, and was called by several Names; but yet the Name from the idolatrous Heathen, beareth the Sway to this very Day amongst most People, and is called Sunday. And so this was all done, that the Scripture might be fulfilled in Daniel, Chap. 7, verse 25. He shall blaspheme the Most High, and tread upon his altar and change Times and Laws.

It is wonderful, that such a World of People, yea, of so many Ages, have not, nor do yet see the Mystery of Wickedness, Iniquity and Lawlessness, whereof we read in Daniel the Prophet about the Golden Image of Nebuchadnezzar, unto which all People, Tongues and Nations, was to bow and to worship, and that at such Times, when they heard the Sound of the Cornet, Trumpet, Sasckbut, ant the Noise of the Dulsimer, Lute, Harp, and other fine Musical Instruments, they were to fall down and worship that Imate; I say, since they do not see, or rather will not, I shall not be fearful nor slack to tell them, that their First Day of the Week, instituted without God and Scripture, by the Pope of Rome, is that same Image, whom all People, Tongues and Nations in all Christendom (so called) do worship, for it is a Part of the Number of the Beast, having 60 Cubits in Height, and 6 in breadth, which is 66, the last two Sixes in the Number of the Beast; for the whole Number of the Beast is 666, six Hundred sixty six, under which six hundred , as the first 6, are included the many sorts of vain Worship and Mens Doctrines, viz. Infant-Sprinkling, worshipping the Bread and Wine, adoring and worshipping the Saints, and so forth; of which it is not my Task now to meddle with, but only to shew the last Number of the Beast as 66. For indeed as it is the last Number in the Number of the Beast, so it was the last and the hardest work the Pope had to do, to bring People to the worship of that image (for many Churches would not yield to it so soon) and so it will ve the last Image for all the Dissenters to forsake again, seeing how hard People are set to it, and how customary it is become to them. And no wonder at all indeed for it is made of sin: Gold, having so many brave and greatr learned Men of all Sects to prove the worshipping of this First-day, by their School-babies, called Mens Reason and Philosophy, and all the World admiring them and their Learning, in explaining or rather perverting the plain will and Counsel of God. It has farther so many noble Kings and Princes for Protection, which defend his Worshippers with the Sword, and by their Authority. Who now would not worship such a fine Image, especially when it is erected in such a fair Plain, or Place, viz. instead of God's holy Sabbath, and is also with great Authority, by great Fines, and Lots of People's Goods commanded, that, as soon as they hear the Noise of the fine Musick, viz. BVells, Organs, and manyu other sorts of Musical instrumentsp; yea, of Drums and Pipes, and the like, to fall down, that is, to come to worship to their great Steepple-houses, to lay by all Manner of Work (which yet God hath command to be done at that Day) and help to worship that Image. Now this noise having filled their Ears, encourageth them to be more fierce in bowing unto it, adoring and admiring the Finery of it. Other little Sects now that are descended from the Whord, fearing yet the Power and the Claws of the Beast, do still bow unto that Image, altho' with such Pomp and Vain Glory, yet at the fame Time, when the Noise of the Proclamation is heard, they not having Light enough for the Mystery of Lawlessness, and the

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