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Lesson: Introduction to the Ten Commandments

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GOLDEN TEXT: Exodus 7:3.

1. Let’s set the stage for the Ten Commandments. God led Joseph down into Egypt to make it possible for Israel to live through the seven years of famine that was to come over all of the earth. After the death of Joseph, Israel found themselves under a Pharaoh who had not known Joseph and whose heart was turned against them. (Exodus 1:1-11). Did the children of Israel suffer greatly at the hands of the Egyptian taskmasters who were set over them? (Exodus 1:11). Did the Israelites multiply and grow in number the more they were afflicted? (Exodus 1:12).

2. Did the king of Egypt tell the midwives of the Israelites to kill the baby boys and let the baby girls live? (Exodus 1:15-16). Did the midwives obey Pharaoh? (Exodus 1:17). Did the midwives fear God? (Same verse).

3. What was the name of the Hebrew baby that was born and was hid for three months and then put in an ark of bulrushes, set adrift on the river and the daughter of Pharaoh found him, had compassion on him and he became her son? (Exodus 2:1-10).

4. Did Moses kill an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew? (Exodus 2:11-12). What land did Moses flee to when the Pharaoh was seeking to kill him? (Exodus 2:15). What was the names of Moses’ wife and his first son? (Exodus 2:21-22).

5. Did God finally hear the groans of the children of Israel and remember His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? (Exodus 2:23-25).

6. Did an Angel of the LORD appear to Moses in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush? (Exodus 3:2).

7. Who was the person that God gave to Moses to be his spokesman? (Exodus 4:28-31).

8. What two requests did Moses and Aaron tell Pharaoh that God was demanding? (Exodus 5:1).

9. Was Pharaoh happy with this demand or did he punish the children of Israel by making them get their own straw for making brick? (Exodus 5:11-18).

10. Did God harden Pharaoh’s heart in order to multiply His signs and wonders in the land of Egypt? (Exodus 7:3). How old were Moses and Aaron at this time? (Exodus 7:7).

11. In Moses and Aaron’s second encounter with Pharaoh, did Aaron cast his rod down and did it become a serpent? (Exodus 7:9-10). Did the sorcerers and magicians of Egypt throw their rods down and did their rods also become serpents? (Exodus 7:11-12). What did Aaron's rod do? (Same verses).

12. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he would not let the children of Israel go into the wilderness.

(Note: Request our free article: Would God Harden Your Heart? In this article Ronald L. Dart discusses why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.)

God now begins to deal harshly with the Pharaoh and Egypt. He begins dealing out the ten plagues. What was the first plague? (Exodus 7:17).

Note: Why was blood the first plague? The Pharaoh had given an edict to kill the Israelite male babies and God held Egypt responsible for their deaths.

13. What was the: second plague? (Exodus 8:1-14).

Third plague? (Exodus 8:16-19).

Fourth plague? (Exodus 8:20-32).

Fifth plague? (Exodus 9:1-7).

Sixth plague? (Exodus 9:8-12).

Seventh plague? (Exodus 9:13-35).

Eighth plague? (Exodus 10:1-20).

Ninth plague? (Exodus 10:21-29).

Tenth plague? (Exodus 11:1-10).

14. God established a new calendar for the children of Israel. What did God instruct the children of Israel to do on the tenth day of the first month? (Exodus 12:3-4). Was this to be a male lamb without blemish? (Verse 5). What were they to do on the fourteenth day of the first month? (Exodus 12:6-7). Were they to eat the roasted lamb with unleavened bread? (Verse 8). Were they to eat it in a hurry? (Verse 11). What was this event called? (Same verse).

15. What was to happen on this Passover night? (Exodus 12:12). What was the purpose of putting blood on their doorposts and lintel? (Verse 13).

16. Is the Passover a memorial and a feast by an everlasting ordinance? (Exodus 12:14). How long were they to eat unleavened bread? (Verse 15).

17. Did Pharaoh call Moses and Aaron by night and tell them that the children of Israel could go and serve God? (Exodus 12:31). How many of the children of Israel were involved in this exodus? (Verse 37). How many years were they in Egypt? (Verse 40).

18. How did the Lord appear to the children of Israel? (Exodus 13:21).

19. Did Pharaoh and the Egyptians pursue the children of Israel? (Exodus 14:5-9). Were the children of Israel afraid? (Verse 10).

20. What happened when Moses lifted his rod? (Exodus 14:16-22). What happened to the Egyptians when they were pursuing the children of Israel? (Verses 24-28).

Note: The children of Israel continued their journey from the Red Sea to Elim (Exodus 16) where God "rained bread from heaven" (manna) and re-established His seventh day Sabbath with them. In Exodus 18, Moses was already judging the people according to God’ laws (Verse 16). In Exodus 19 the children of Israel arrive at Mount Sinai and prepare to receive the Ten Commandments.




Scripture Reading:  Exodus 1-19 

Golden Text:  Exodus 7:3 (NKJV) "And I will harden Pharaoh's heart, and multiply My signs and My wonders in the land of Egypt."